About Us

About Cabletow Clothing

Established in Victorville, CA, in 2011, Cabletow Clothing Company got its start after being influenced by Masonic bodies throughout the jurisdiction and the need for quality apparel. With a strong focus on bringing meaning to our apparel, Cabletow Clothing Company takes pride in our work. Our designs are made for Masons by Masons, for Eastern Stars by Eastern Stars and for Nobles by Nobles, which drives our creative direction.  Our intentions have always been to make clothing that can be worn daily, not only at Masonic functions. Cabletow Clothing Company has appeared at conventions in California, Washington State, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky and more where we’ve had positive feedback on our products. We hope that you are inspired by our direction as we continue to bring a new era of Masonic apparel.